Love our work, but not ready to commit to our full-service design, execution and installation? Seeking guidance, support and advice from our team to help guide your own efforts? Looking for an expert’s eye to help you conceptualize your space from scratch? Want to determine if we’re a good fit for a larger full-service project? Our Studio SBD Mini Sessions are a great solution!


What is a Mini Session?

A Studio SBD Mini Session is a two-hour studio session with our design team for advice on your upcoming or ongoing projects. For a single room or small group of rooms (2-3) that relate to each other and need a refresh, this is a great opportunity to consult with us for real time decorating and design advice. Bring your plans, your measurements, your finish selections … whatever it may be, and we will help with your design and/or styling roadblocks. This is your one-on-one opportunity to pick our brains and work through any of your design challenges face-to-face in a mini work session tailored for your specific needs. You can show your space via video, put together a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through, peruse our extensive materials library for fabrics, rugs, stone, tile and wallpaper or simply chat and take notes. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you. Our goal is for you to come away from a Mini Session feeling enlightened, energized and inspired, confident in the next steps to take for your project.

Where does the Mini Session take place?

Studio SBD Mini Sessions take place in person in our design studio located at 2 Broad St., in Hamilton, NY. There is no set structure for how you utilize your time; Mini Sessions are meant to be collaborative and tailored to your individual project needs.

How long is each Mini Session?

Each individual Mini Session is two hours, allowing us time to dig into your project so that you leave our session with a game plan for the next steps in your design journey.

What does a Mini Session cost?

The investment for a two-hour Mini Session is $295 plus sales tax and is due at booking.

Can you consult on my entire new-build or renovation during a Mini Session?

We pride ourselves at being very efficient. Our team designs rooms all day every day and we can get into the zone of a new space very quickly. That said, there are reasonable limits to how much can be accomplished and planned during a two-hour Mini Session.

While we may be able to address some aspects of your new-build, partial reno or whole-home reno, Studio SBD Mini Sessions are not meant to serve as full-service design solutions. They are meant for a single room or small group of rooms (2-3) that relate to each other, or a general consultation regarding the overall style and design direction of a project. One two-hour session will not be enough time to address your whole home, nor to source furniture, finishes, fixtures, accessories and artwork for an entire room, group of rooms or home.

What if I need more than a two-hour Mini Session?

If your project is large-scale (i.e., new build, gut renovation, new addition or large group of rooms), you can book additional Mini Sessions in two-hour increments.

** Please note that Mini Sessions are not meant to replace full-service design. See how they differ below. **

How does a Mini Session differ from full-service design?
  1. You come to us, and we spend time together in Studio SBD.
  2. You prepare a list of questions you wish for us to discuss.
  3. You take measurements of your space(s), for which you are responsible.
  4. You take photos and/or videos of your space(s).
  5. You take notes during our session, as no deliverables are provided after our session.
  6. Elevations, materials lists, and finish schedules will not be provided.
  7. When applicable and dependent on availability, finish samples can be provided with a required deposit to ensure that they are returned to Studio SBD.
  8. We help guide you with ideas that will be executed on your own and without full SBD firm support, execution and installation.
What are some scenarios in which a Mini Session would prove beneficial?

Here are some examples:

  • You’re renovating your kitchen and have finalized your cabinet style and finish, but would like assistance selecting a backsplash tile, countertop and cabinet hardware.
  • You just purchased new living room furniture and would like assistance selecting the appropriately sized rug in the material best suited for your lifestyle.
  • You’re refreshing your main floor and would like assistance selecting paint colors and wallpaper that complement one another.
  • You’re turning your guest room into a home office and would like assistance space planning for maximum efficiency.
  • You’re refreshing your primary bedroom and would like ideas on where to source new furniture and lighting.
  • Your living room sofa needs an upgrade, and you would like assistance selecting a reupholstery fabric and complementary pillow fabrics.
  • You’re planning a large-scale remodel and are looking for feedback and/or a second opinion on your plans.
  • Etcetera…
What can I consult on during a Mini Session?
  • Furniture size, style and placement recommendations
  • Styling of surfaces, walls, sofas, beds, etc.
  • Paint, wallpaper and wall treatment ideas
  • Fixtures, finishes and trim ideas
  • Drapes and window treatment ideas
  • Construction and remodel ideas / second opinions
  • Stores and brands to consider
  • Cabinetry and built-in ideas 
  • Floor plan layout
  • Rug size, placement and material
  • Decorative lighting sizes, placement and style 
  • Wall art size, style and placement recommendations
  • Gallery wall planning
  • Wood floor material, tone and layout ideas
  • Exterior design ideas / second opinions
Is the Mini Session personalized to my taste and needs?

We present a clear and concise design point of view here at SBD via our shop, website and social media accounts. Our signature aesthetic is warm, inviting and layered with neutrals and soft colors. If you’re looking for a red and purple 90’s space, then we are not your people. So, yes: your mini session is personalized to your taste and needs, but within the parameters of our signature aesthetic.

How do I prepare for my Mini Session?

Preparation can be as minimal or thorough as you feel is necessary to accomplish your goals from the session. We recommend that you organize a simple electronic document to help us understand your vision and ideas for the space.

Here are some ideas of items you can prepare, depending on the scope of your project:

  • List of questions you wish to discuss related to the project
  • Links related to your project, including furniture/décor/fixtures/finishes being considered
  • Digital mood boards and/or Pinterest boards and swatches that inspire you
  • Overall measurements of your space, including ceiling height, door/window heights and widths, wall lengths etc. Be sure to annotate locations of heaters, floor vents, existing lighting, doors, windows, traffic flow into adjacent rooms, architectural features that will remain, etc.
  • Pictures of the room(s) from several different angles
  • Video of the entire room(s)
  • Architect’s floor plans and elevations (if applicable)

The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to come away from a Studio SBD Mini Session feeling enlightened, energized and inspired, confident in the next steps to take for your project.

Will I receive any deliverables after the Mini Session?

If you select our floor planning service for your space, we will email your proposed floor plan after our session.

We believe that you will derive more value from having the hard questions answered and getting feedback from our design team, and we recommend that you take notes during our session that you can refer to during your project. No additional deliverables will be made available after the Mini Session.

What type of product recommendations will I receive during the Mini Session?

If you are looking for ideas of where to source products  (i.e., you need ideas for furnishing that problem area in your entry that doesn’t feel finished; or you have a space at the top of your stairs that you’d like to pretty up; or you’re looking for the perfect counter stools for your kitchen), you will receive personalized product recommendations for pieces and/or vendors that would be suitable for your space, style and budget. Our recommendations are not limited to our design studio products and can be sourced from across the web or trade-only resources to fit your specific needs.

** Please note that one two-hour session will not be long enough to source furniture, fixtures, accessories and artwork for an entire room, group of rooms or whole home. **

What if none of the available dates/times work for me?

We will do our best to keep our availability up to date in our calendars. However, if you would like to book further in advance (i.e. upcoming months where we haven’t added availability yet) or none of the listed times work for you, please email us at and we will explore an alternative time.

How do I book my Mini Session?

Studio SBD Mini Session booking opens May 1, 2024. Click here to subscribe to our email list and be the first to know!