Our Process

Big or small, new build or renovation, one room or entire home, each project we accept must represent our brand and be in keeping with our design philosophy and aesthetic. We’ve developed processes and procedures that ensure that your project is executed efficiently and effectively no matter what the size and scope. Here is an overview of how we work:

The Questionnaire

Every design + decorating project begins with the completion of our Design Questionnaire to help us gain an initial understanding of the scope of your project.

The Discovery Call

After reviewing the Design Questionnaire, the SBD team will reach out to you within two weeks to schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call to briefly discuss your project goals, timeline and expectations.

Once we have determined that we are prospectively a good fit, the next step is to schedule the Initial Consultation.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes approximately two hours and is held in your home or at the project site, via phone conference (if you’re remote) or in our design studio located in Hamilton, NY (if there is no home or site selected just yet). Please note: We expect the decision makers on the project to be present at this meeting.

We present you with our Welcome Package and begin with a discussion of the scope of your project and if applicable, a tour of your existing home or project site.

We will ask a series of specific questions to determine how you want your home and/or the spaces included in the project scope to feel, function and flow and to get an idea of your personal style and how you wish to live in the spaces. We discuss likes and dislikes and dive deeper into your overall budget and timeline. We will also review our Letter of Agreement.

We do not present conceptual drawings, mood boards, finish selections or pricing during the initial consultation.

Our initial consultation fee is $595.00 plus applicable sales tax and includes travel time up to a half hour each way. Beyond that, travel time is billed at half our hourly rate. Additional consultation hours beyond the two hours are billed at our hourly rate. Airline travel or overnight accommodations will be determined on an individual project basis. Invoice must be paid at time of booking to secure appointment.

The Letter of Agreement

Beyond the initial consultation, our team will return to our studio and review our meeting notes. We will assess your project scope, budget and timeline to determine if the SBD aesthetic and process aligns with the project goals. If we determine that it does, we will then outline a scope of work, prepare a preliminary furniture + fixture Investment Guide, draw up a Letter of Agreement and service retainer request, and submit these to you for your review and approval.

The Planning

This is where the creative process starts!

Here at SBD, we take a three-phased approach to planning your project. This overview of our process is designed to give you an idea of how we work, but if your project scope does not require construction, some of this will not apply.

Phase I | Design

We work in collaboration with you, your architect, builder and/or general contractor to design every detail of your home, room or series of rooms. This phase may take several months to complete, but is very important to planning the space of your dreams.

The initial design phase includes consulting on your architectural plans (if applicable) and sourcing interior and exterior finishes. Depending on the scope of your project, this could also include designing cabinetry, millwork and ceiling details, and selecting plumbing and lighting fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, flooring, tile and countertops.

Once the final design plan has been approved by you, the architect’s plans are complete, bids have been secured and the preliminary budget has been approved, the comprehensive design plan is handed off to your build team and construction can commence.

Please note that the design phase for new construction and large scale remodels generally requires 6-9+ months lead time before construction begins.

Phase II | Construction

This is when you break ground or start the construction on your project. You will be required to hire your own general contractor, but we will be onsite frequently to guide your builder and trades towards our design intent, as well as to troubleshoot, collaborate and answer any questions you or they may have.

Phase III | Decorating

During the construction phase, the SBD Team will be working behind the scenes to specify all of the items necessary to furnish and decorate your space. We source furniture and décor, window treatments, accessories, rugs, artwork, and antique or vintage pieces to make your space a true reflection of you and your family. We present you with furniture floor plans, mood boards and elevations to help you visualize the design. You will have the opportunity to make revisions and collaborate with us on the final selections.

Please note, phases two and three work in parallel and can take an average of 6-12+ months, depending on the project scope.

The Procurement

With the approval of specified furnishings, fixtures and accessories, the SBD team gets to work ordering and receiving. We take care of tracking orders, facilitating backorders, damages and short ships and arranging the receiving and storing of items until your home is ready to be installed.

The Install

This is one of our absolute favorite parts of the design + decorating process and after months of hard work, we can hardly wait to share the big reveal with you! The SBD Team arranges for white glove furniture, accessory and rug delivery, art installation, etc. and facilitates all of the last minute details that make a house a home. We will be on-site to direct the placement of all furniture, rugs and accessories, make every bed, hang every photo, steam every drapery, style every shelf and prepare your new spaces for you and your family to enjoy.