Interior Design

We can assist you in completely designing your dream space from start to finish.

  • Do you like what you have, but your space doesn’t flow or look quite the way you want it to?
  • Do you know what to buy, but aren’t sure how to put it all together?
  • Is your home made up of many small, cozy & defined living spaces?
  • Do you prefer the urban loft-like feel of a large room with multiple functions?
  • Is your current furniture too big for a small space or too small for a large living area?
  • Stuck on which paint color to choose to best complement your taste & your accessory choices?

Interior refinement is the rearranging and editing of your OWN furniture, art and accessories or completely re-designing your space from start to finish to create a space that reflects your personal style and in which you feel comfortable.

Whether your wish is to create an entirely new look or enhance an existing space, we can help you bring it all together. Our goal? To work with you to create a space designed especially for you and the way you live!

We begin with a consultation with you in your space. We define, based on your feedback, the feel and function that you want your space to have and then help you develop a style plan, incorporating the design principles of balance, color, harmony, scale, focal point and texture. We can also recommend a layout that enables you to get maximum functionality and storage from your space.


We can assist you in choosing furniture, flooring, artwork, lighting, accessories, window treatments, paint, a new color scheme and much more.



We begin by completely emptying your space and with an artful eye we study the features of your space to determine a focal point. We then scout around your home/garage/basement/barn for furnishings and accessories (items with hidden potential) and determine how to creatively reuse them to restyle your space. We may also offer color suggestions and ideas for further enhancement.

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